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The Banda Journal Shortlisted at
Paris Photo, Aperture Foundation Photobook Award


We are thrilled to announce that The Banda Journal has been shortlisted by the 2021 Paris Photo Aperture Foundation for the Photobook of The Year Award! Check the whole selection of shortlisted Photobooks here:



The Banda Journal Online Experience


The Banda Journal is a project by Muhammad Fadli that aims to be presented in the form of a multimedia website–but never finished. Six years later–the book was published instead. Feeling that his debt was still unfulfilled, Muhammad Fadli revisit his intention to fulfill his intention to complete The Banda Journal website. We invite you to The Banda Journal online experience, with chapters that will be added gradually.



Spine Half Full #1

By Jordan, jordan  Édition &
Sunset Limited

Guest Speaker: Konstantin Eremenko


SPINE HALF FULL is a non-profit initiative by Jordan, jordan Édition, and Sunset Limited to discuss editorial design, especially its application on Photo-books, pivoting its purpose, positioning, and how it exceeds limitation as a medium that once was quite modest with speakers from around the globe, making it accessible to gain more insights on that matter. The program will be hosted by Jordan Marzuki, Fandy Susanto, and Tasia Sugiyanto.

Konstantin Eremenko is a graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2007 with Master of Art, and And The Basel School of Design with Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research. His body of work consists of editorial design, posters, typography, and packaging. He receives numerous awards for his outstanding works from Red Dot Award, AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers, TDC New York, TDC Tokyo, Lucie Foundation Photobook Awards, The Society of Typographic Arts, and many more. 



The Banda Journal / Jurnal Banda
by Muhammad Fadli

Written by
Fatris MF

240 Pages
ISBN 9781735452104


Muhammad Fadli came to Banda when storm season was at its fiercest. At times like these, only the most fearless fishermen are willing to sail through the Banda Sea, and curiously, Banda attracts many people of this type. He came face to face with the rage of the Banda Sea in its truest form. The seven meter long boat that Fadli boarded was at the mercy of the great ocean swells. He recounted how the tongue of the wave spilled into the boat, and how all the passengers desperately called on God, some even praying aloud—to the point of shouting—while quoting holy verses as the blood drained from their faces. Meanwhile, in faraway Jakarta, Fadli’s first daughter was only three months old. He swore never to return to Banda. However, that oath was eventually put aside. In the middle of 2015, Fadli and Fatris MF decided to collaborate on a project we named The Banda Journal. Over the course of six journeys to and from Banda, he used up 150 rolls of film. In an age of instant gratification, he still enjoyed outdated technology with all the problems that came with it.

Muhammad Fadli datang ke Banda saat musim badai tengah bergelora. Saat begini, hanya nelayan nekat yang rela menyeberangi Laut Banda, dan Banda banyak mengoleksi orang jenis ini. Dia bersua angkara Laut Banda dalam wujud yang nyata. Perahu sepanjang tujuh meter yang dia tumpangi jadi bulan-bulanan kawanan ombak ganas. Katanya, lidah ombak sampai ke dalam perahu. Semua penumpang memanggil Tuhan. Bahkan ada yang berdoa sambil berteriak dan mengutip ayat suci dengan muka pucat pasi. Dan di Jakarta, anak perempuannya baru berusia tiga bulan. Dia bersumpah tak akan kembali lagi ke Banda. Sumpah ternyata tinggallah sumpah. Pada pertengahan 2015, Fatris MF dan Fadli memutuskan untuk berkolaborasi membuat karya yang kami namai–The Banda Journal. Selama enam kali bolak-balik ke Banda, dia menghabiskan 150 rol film. Di zaman instan, dia lebih menikmati teknologi masa silam dengan segala masalahnya.





Fantaise Érotique Vol. 1
by Jordan Marzuki

Edited by
Dinda Nancy

124 Pages
ISBN 9781735452111


Fantaisie Érotique is a zine telling curated erotic stories that happen in today’s society. It is meant for all orientation regardless of social strata and phases in life; from coming-of-age to old age. Stories come from diverse communities, including the country with rising conservatism; Indonesia—where sex is considered a taboo—to the most culturally-open, such as Japan.

The idea of the zine came from a cheap erotica publication that depicts sexual fantasy stories with the most ridiculous scenario. Our intention is to break the convention of erotica publication by curating some obscure erotic stories in a personal level and leave it as raw as it is, could be gross, funny and eerie—all the while introducing certain sub-cultures to the readers. DETAILS




The Banda Journal
by Muhammad Fadli

Written by Fatris MF

240 Pages
ISBN 978192948590


Indonesia cannot be understood solely through formulas, economic growth, bustling markets, and cities that bloom and sprawl across the landscape. Indonesia is also full of desolate places and obscure, isolated islands—places that sometimes paint the image of an unfortunate country. Surrounded by deep and wild seas, the Banda Islands is one of those forgotten places. But contrary to its present-day condition, the tiny archipelago was in fact coveted and fought over by powerful Western countries. The reason was a rare commodity that flourished on these tiny islands—spices.

is a Sumatran born documentary and portrait photographer. Based in Jakarta, he works mostly on personal projects and editorial assignments. His photographs have been published in various international publication such as PROOF National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, 11 Freunde, Das Magazin, NEON, Der Spiegel, The Financial Times, FT Weekend Magazine, Courrier International, DestinAsian, Marie Claire, Monocle, Afar, Mare, and many more.

is a Indonesian writer based in Padang, West Sumatra. His deep affection toward Indonesian remote places and local folklores has led him to travel across the archipelago.





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