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In the past, photography has been quite an underestimated method of creating because of its likeness to life. However, looking through what it attributes—context-based, how easy it is to digest, and how it becomes an excellent source of stories; photo books can be considered pretty progressive. Not to overlook the growth of editorial design as it shifts from a neat, problem-solving, eye-catching, and exclusive, to somewhat approachable, tangible, and very experience-sensitive.

SPINE HALF FULL is a non-profit initiative by Jordan, jordan Édition, and Sunset Limited to discuss editorial design, especially its application on Photo-books, pivoting its purpose, positioning, and how it exceeds limitation as a medium that once was quite modest with speakers from around the globe, making it accessible to gain more insights on that matter. The program will be hosted by Jordan Marzuki, Fandy Susanto, and Tasia Sugiyanto.

In this session, Konstantin Eremenko will provide insight into his editorial design work—from the process of finding an idea to how he utilizes the freedom to play with tangible objects, prints, and paper without sacrificing confusion in context whilst staying on the sidelines of his clients' briefs.

Konstantin Eremenko is a graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2007 with Master of Art, and And The Basel School of Design with Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research. His body of work consists of editorial design, posters, typography, and packaging. He receives numerous awards for his outstanding works from Red Dot Award, AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers, TDC New York, TDC Tokyo, Lucie Foundation Photobook Awards, The Society of Typographic Arts, and many more. Check out more of his work at:


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