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The Banda Journal book had won the Aperture Foundation–Paris Photo Photobook Awards 2021–for Photobook of the year category. Final juror Daniel Blaufuks noted that, “The Banda Journal is very well-designed; very engaging—a book in which text and image are expertly intertwined, inviting return viewing and reading—and that offers us new perspectives from a region we don’t often have the opportunity to hear from artistically.”

Congratulations to the most humble and super talented photographer we’ve ever met; Muhammad Fadli and writer Fatris MF–and the amazing team; Laras Koesoemo, Yoppie Pieter, Nina Hidayat, Astri Apriyani, Cristian Rahadiansyah, James Louie, Eka Nickmatulhuda, Rose Hodge and Atikah Azata Amani.

We would like to thank Aperture Foundation, Paris Photo and Delpire & Co. team, along with the great lineups of shortlist and final jurrors–for this amazing opportunity to include us along other great artist, photographers and publishers–and their openess to us–a far far away and very small independent publisher from the South East Asia.





"The Banda Journal / Jurnal Banda"
By Muhammad Fadli
Written by Fatris MF
IDR 379.000 / USD 35 / EUR 29
ISBN 9781735452104

"Fantaisie Érotique Vol. 1" (Edition of 200)
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Dinda Nancy
ISBN 9781735452111

"War, Astronaut, Death, Violence, Floating Mountain and Roman Soldiers"
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Clarissa Virginia
IDR 390.000 / USD 35 / EUR 29
ISBN 9781735452166


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