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We are thrilled to announce that The Banda Journal has been shortlisted by the 2021 Paris Photo Aperture Foundation for the Photobook of The Year Award! The Banda Journal book will be displayed for public at Paris Photo Exhibition on 11–14 November 2021, and available for purchase through Delpire & Co bookstore.

The Banda Journal highlights the legacy of centuries-long colonization and exploitation in the remote Indonesian Banda Islands. An archipelago comprises of twelve small islands surrounded by vast sea, Banda was the setting of some earliest European ventures in Asia and played a key role in global economic history. It is because Banda was once the world's only source of the highly prized nutmeg, an aromatic spice functioned as preservative and believed as cure for various illnesses in the Middle Ages.



"The Banda Journal / Jurnal Banda"
By Muhammad Fadli
Written by Fatris MF
IDR 379.000 / USD 35 / EUR 29
ISBN 9781735452104

"Fantaisie Érotique Vol. 1" (Edition of 200)
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Dinda Nancy
IDR 145.000 / USD 12 / EUR 10
ISBN 9781735452111

"War, Astronaut, Death, Violence, Floating Mountain and Roman Soldiers"
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Clarissa Virginia
IDR 390.000 / USD 35 / EUR 29
ISBN 9781735452166


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