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We are inviting everyone to visit our booth
at Jakarta Art Book Fair 2022. Say hi, ask us anything–or grab some of our out-of-print onetime opportunity books! Hope to see you there.



We are excited to announce our upcoming book,
the highly saturated oeuvre of KENDRA AHiMSA a.k.a Ardneks

The book explores his obsession with obscure music, the combination of cross-culture references, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália. Kendra Ahimsa / Ardneks, an Indonesian-based Illustrator whose illustration is well known chiefly from L'imperatrice album covers, concert tour posters of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Khruangbin to the New York Times article editorial illustration.

His ultimate goal is for someone as far as Peru or Turkmenistan to discover his work. He wants to welcome everyone into a realm where a turban-wearing brother and a Taiwanese fried chicken lady can talk about their favorite city pop song by the beach.

Coming soon in September 2022



"What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999"

What is the role of female photographers in the history of photobooks? How do you see its relevance today, especially in the context of addressing gender issues and influencing social change? In this live session, we presented 10x10 Photobooks with their latest book–“What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999” with editors Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich, moderated by Rara Sekar and Ben Laksana.

10x10 Photobooks is a non-profit organization founded to "foster engagement with the global photobook community through an appreciation, dissemination and understanding of photobooks."

Arkademy is a photography collective with focus on critical and reflective photography education through an interdisciplinary approach.

Apa peran fotografer wanita dalam sejarah photobook? Bagaimana Anda melihat relevansinya saat ini, terutama dalam konteks menangani isu-isu gender dan mempengaruhi perubahan sosial? Dalam sesi langsung ini, kami menghadirkan Photobook 10x10 dengan buku terbaru mereka–“What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999” dengan editor Russet Lederman dan Olga Yatskevich, dimoderatori oleh Rara Sekar dan Ben Laksana.

10x10 Photobooks adalah organisasi nirlaba yang didirikan untuk membina keterlibatan dengan komunitas buku foto secara global melalui apresiasi, diseminasi, dan pemahaman tentang buku foto.

Arkademy adalah kolektif fotografi dengan fokus pada pendidikan fotografi kritis dan reflektif melalui pendekatan interdisipliner.




by Riar Rizaldi

May 5th, 1923. The Dutch East Indies government celebrated the opening of a new radio station in West Java. It was called Radio Malabar. In March 2020, the local Indonesian government plans to reactivate the station as a historical site and tourist attraction. Written based on the forgotten texts by a prominent pseudo-anthropologist Drs. Munarwan, this book imagines what would have happened in between: the vital role of mountain in history; colonial ruins as an apparatus for geoengineering technology; and the invisible power of indigenous ancestral.

Riar Rizaldi works as an artist and filmmaker. His main focus is on the relationship between capital and technology, extractivism, and theoretical fiction. His works have been shown at Locarno Film Festival, BFI Southbank London, International Film Festival Rotterdam, NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo, Centre Pompidou Paris, Times Museum Guangzhou, and National Gallery of Indonesia amongst others.

Mei 1923, pemerintah kolonial Hindia Belanda merayakan pembukaan stasiun radio baru di Jawa Barat bernama Radio Malabar. Maret 2020, pemerintah daerah berencana mengaktivasi stasiun tersebut sebagai situs sejarah untuk daya tarik turisme. Dituliskan berbasis pada teks-teks terlupakan karya seorang pseudo-antropolog Drs. Munarwan, buku ini mengimajinasikan apa yang terjadi diantara itu semua: dari mulai spekulasi puing-puing kolonial sebagai teknologi rekayasa kebumian sampai peran vital dari gunung dalam sejarah teknologi di Indonesia.

Riar Rizaldi bekerja sebagai seniman dan pembuat film. Fokus kekaryaannya mencakup hubungan antara kapital dan teknologi, ekstraktivisme, materialitas, dan fiksi teoritis. Karya-karyanya telah dipresentasikan di Locarno Film Festival, Cenre Pompidou Paris, BFI Southbank London, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Times Museum Guangdong, Asian Film Archive Singapore, NTT InterCommunication Center Tokyo, dan Galeri Nasional Indonesia di antara lainnya.



The Banda Journal is nominated for the 2021 Lucie Foundation Photobook Prize for independent category. Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

The Lucie Foundation is dedicated to celebrating all forms of photography, in print and online and is pleased to introduce the Lucie Photo Book Prize. This program is a juried competition open to a diversity of book submissions- from traditionally published to prototypes, hand-made books to zines.  The awards are presented to photographers, editors, curators or publishers.




The Banda Journal book had won the Aperture Foundation–Paris Photo Photobook Awards 2021–for Photobook of the year category. Final juror Daniel Blaufuks noted that, “The Banda Journal is very well-designed; very engaging—a book in which text and image are expertly intertwined, inviting return viewing and reading—and that offers us new perspectives from a region we don’t often have the opportunity to hear from artistically.”

Congratulations to the most humble and super talented photographer we’ve ever met; Muhammad Fadli and writer Fatris MF–and the amazing team; Laras Koesoemo, Yoppie Pieter, Nina Hidayat, Astri Apriyani, Cristian Rahadiansyah, James Louie, Eka Nickmatulhuda, Rose Hodge and Atikah Azata Amani.





"The Banda Journal / Jurnal Banda"
By Muhammad Fadli
Written by Fatris MF
ISBN 9781735452104

"Fantaisie Érotique Vol. 1" (Edition of 200)
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Dinda Nancy
ISBN 9781735452111

"War, Astronaut, Death, Violence, Floating Mountain and Roman Soldiers"
By Jordan Marzuki
Edited by Clarissa Virginia
ISBN 9781735452166


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