Postcard Set

By Kurniadi Widodo
Proofreader: Ben Laksana, Rara Sekar
Color proofing assistant: Muhammad Fadli
Typeface: Lokal Container
Photo credits: Prayogo Yoedo, Tiny Studio, Dari Wulan

2023 / 20 Postcards @ 350gsm thickness, pink gilded/ English / Hardcover /
17,5cm x 14cm / ISBN 978-1-7354521-4-2

IDR 250.000 / USD 23

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In the 21st century, the integration of cameras into smartphones and the vast use of photo-based social media gave way to unanticipated new forms of relation between photography and tourism. Old conventions on what constitutes as touristic places and how people perceive them has drastically and organically evolved without any controls from those who previously held the authority over them. Today, tourist spots can be instantly made, modified, or even repeatedly replicated from other well established iconic sites in the hope of attracting people who want their pictures taken in front of these constructs so they can be uploaded and appreciated in their personal social media feeds. Thus, photography and social media are directly responsible in the creation of this new culture.

Towards New Landscapes is a photo documentary publication in disguise of a regular tourism postcard set. Kurniadi Widodo attempts to record this contemporary Indonesian tourism phenomenon in recent years and the many issues it touches, from development of sustainable economy, land use and its surrounding policies, the public desire to construct and perceive identities from these tourist spots, to other as of yet unmapped consequences.





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Jakarta, Indonesia