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"Fantaisie Érotique" VOL. 1

by Jordan Marzuki, Taku Okamoto

Fantaisie Érotique is a zine is an uncensored non-fiction extraordinary, bizarre, and unsexy erotica that exposes multi-layered society problems, sexual orientation, and politics that becoming accidental journalism in form of a graphic zine, inspired by ‘Garo’ magazine and Twilight Zone. The idea of the zine started when the author went to the 'pink' movie theater in Osaka, Japan–when he experienced hard to describe the situation that makes him psychologically scarred. The idea of the zine is to exhibit a collection of funny, shocking, eerie erotic stories from all parts of the world.

Volume 2 is open for submission! If you have interesting stories fantastic, bizarre, unsexy erotic stories based on your personal experience.
– In the form of an essay/text
– Any language is accepted–however, we also ask the English translation
– We will reinterpret your outcome of the story into a full illustration graphic–along with your submitted text.

Send your submission
May 15th 2020 May 25th 2020

This zine is non-profit will be able to be enjoyed free and online at our website and soon will be available in printed edition after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

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