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"War, Astronaut, Death, Violence, Floating Mountain and Roman Soldiers"

1st edition
2019, 204 Pages, Hardbound, 15 cm x 21,5 cm
by Jordan Marzuki, Clarissa Virginia, Foreword by Saskya Prima
Preface: Saskhya Prima

USD 35 / IDR 390.000


Flowers, sun, rainbow, trees, family–are delightful elements in typical children's drawing. But–what would you do when you find out that your children are keen to draw death, war, and destruction instead?. You are welcome to take a look at the world of Jordan Marzuki’s childhood drawings. Luckily, his parents were able to save most of his drawings in obscurity. 22 years later Jordan revisits the archive and contemplates what he had drawn in his childhood. As gnarly as the drawing of bloody corpses, there was an expansive range of subjects such as space exploration, science fiction, the vision of future, and more. Although the accuracy was can be questioned, the naivety of the drawing and lack of technical drawing skills creates an unintentionally hilarious and morbid picture. Not only a showcase, but this book is genuinely dedicated to his parents, who was open-minded enough to let him fathom his own architecture of creativity. And with that, he got the opportunity to draw whatever it is that was in his imagination.

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